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I use Sublime Text 3 in a daily basis, and I’ve grown used to certain plugins/setup that make it much more productive for me.

Getting it (Ubuntu)

Option 1: use 3rd party PPA repository:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install sublime-text-installer

Option 2: install from source

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i sublime-text_build-3059_amd64.deb

Customize Sublime Text

Change fonts

Install and use custom font - I use Adobe Source Code Pro font: Download the font:

$ wget wget

Unzip the zip you just downloaded:

$ unzip

Create a directory in your home directory called “.fonts”

$ mkdir -p ~/.fonts

Move the Open Type fonts (*.otf) to the newly created .fonts directory.

$ cp SourceCodePro_FontsOnly-1.017/OTF/*.otf ~/.fonts/

Rebuild font cache

$ fc-cache -f -v

If you want to install system wide instead of per user, copy the files to /usr/local/share/fonts/ instead of ~/.fonts/.

Go to Sublime Text -> Preferences -> Settings - User and insert:

	"font_face": "Source Code Pro",
	"font_size": 10,


Sublime community is really active and there are really great extensions out there. Here are the ones that I consider essential:

  • Package Control: lets you install, remove and manage your plugins directly from the editor. After installation, just press shift + cmd + P, type install and ENTER
  • Bracket Highlighter: Highlight the brackets, quotes and html tags. Simple - awesome.
  • Dayle Rees Colour Schemes: eye candy themes for Sublime Text 3
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