First post!

Posted on Mar 19, 2014

Hello all! This is my second blogging attempt. One of the reasons (among others) I stopped blogging back then was the pain associated to maintaining a server and the services where the blog was running on (LAMP + Wordpress).

The web has been in a revolution lately, and new technologies have been swarming and being developed. HTML5, css, Javascript, have evolved to highs no-one could have imagined few years ago. A lot of new concepts, frameworks and tools have emerged and have reached a maturity level where they are starting to challenge other more traditional stacks and languages. I feel very disconnected from that world and this second blogging attempts comes as a project to get experience with these new stacks. My post will mostly be related to coding and tech-related topics - my areas of interest.

As mentioned before, maintaining a server and the associated services is painful and time consuming. I decided to explore other options and at the end I decided to go a bit the “un-orthodox” way: this blog is entirely hosted in Amazon S3 and generated with jekyll. I will write a post on it at a later date, but I’m really impressed by the setup and how robust and reliable the setup is. No more server administration, no more expensive web-hosting. I will definitely write a post on the “how to” so that other people learn how to do it!